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Lebanese American Lobby – For a Free Lebanon!

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Do you remember us?

Between 2001-2005 we were lobbying the Unites States to free Lebanon from Syrian troops and to restore democracy in Lebanon.Some people supported us, some ridiculed us, and some did not care. However, our freedom fighters in Lebanon who led the peaceful resistance under occupation for 15 years were our inspiration.We worked day after day with our fellow Americans, until we got the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003" (H.R.1828) and (S.982 ) pass the congress, and signed by the President in 2004.We reached our goal then by turning the American and international support to our cause, and our peaceful rebels in Lebanon turned their resistance to the Cedar Revolution in 2005, where the Syrian troops and intelligence pulled out from Lebanon. 

Do you remember those links?

Saddam_Assad--------Act Now------w

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 April 2009 22:51

Stunning Facts - You Deserve to Know the Truth!

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. Pro-Saudi Christians want Christian Parliament seats controlled by Sunni Muslim votes (May 2008)? (details)

. Pro-Saudi Christians MP’s vote down the suggested law allowing the Lebanese to vote from Diaspora (Feb 2009) (details)

. Who are the Pro Saudi Christians in Lebanon? What was their role during and after Syrian Occupation? (details)

1 Pro-Saudi Christians MP’s cancel the Holy Friday Holiday for the first time in over a 1000 years (April 2007) (details)

1 Pro-Saudi Christians isolate the largest Christian block in the parliament and replace it with Hizbullah (2005-2008). (details)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 April 2009 18:40

What can I do? Spread the Truth

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Send the message to all Americans who are not aware of what is going on in Lebanon today whether they were from Lebanese roots or not (details)

Reach out for those who are deceived by Saudi financial control lest they (unknowingly) turn the country to Saudi Arabia in the elections of 2009 (details)

Show the truth to our administration so it does not leave Lebanon under Saudi Arabia control just as it blessed the Syrian control of Lebanon for fifteen years (details)

3 Keep the rare model of democracy, and the refuge for Christians in the Middle East capable of playing such role (details)

3 Keep the rare model of democracy, and the refuge for Christians in the Middle East capable of playing such role (details)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 April 2009 18:24

Pro-Saudi MP's Prevent Lebanese in Diaspora from Voting

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During the Syrian occupation of Lebanon (1990-2005),  the Saudi regime planned controlling the entire political system in Lebanon depending on their alliance with the Syrian troops. The plan was to send the opposing Lebanese outside the country where they cannot vote, and to replace them with pro-Saudi voters by naturalizing hundreds of thousands of Sunni-Muslims.

Lebanese living abroad should not be able to vote from outside the country, and only those who will vote for Hariri and other pro-Saudi groups should come to Lebanon to vote in general elections in order to re-produce a pro-Saudi majority in the parliament.”, was the plan orchestrated by pro-Saudi [the later] Rafiq Hariri.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 April 2009 02:18

Who's Who in Lebanon!

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.w.a.w. w.n.n

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 April 2009 18:25


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